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The Centre for Disease Control estimates that up to 20 percent of the population is allergic to Nickel, one of the most common metals found in jewellery. Nickel is also listed as the number one irritant for babies and children. 

An allergic reaction to jewellery is contact Dermatitis. It is a red, itchy rash that can even form blisters. Even if you don’t think your babies have sensitive ears, why take that chance? Most cheap jewellery is made with inexpensive alloys and contains large amounts of Nickel because it is cost-efficient and adds durability and shine to other metals. Earrings do not have to be "cheap" to be budget friendly, there ARE safer alternatives. We got your back! 

Before we get to those alternatives, here's a "fun" little fact regarding Nickel...

"Nickel is a carcinogen and can be found on the Hazardous Substance List in the United States as being one of the most dangerous alloys. In SMALL quantities Nickel is essential, but when the uptake is too high it can be a danger to human health."


Now, here are some SAFER and much BETTER alternatives:
PLASTIC POSTS are fantastic for anyone with severe Nickel sensitivities. The medical grade plastic we use is tough, durable and free of metal and Nickel. It can stand up to rough and tumble play. The downfall of Plastic Posts is that they don't adhere to Polymer Clay as strongly as our other options.

TITANIUM POSTS are also perfect for those with severe Nickel sensitivities. Titanium is an elemental metal, which means that it doesn't contain Nickel. It is as strong as steel, but as light as aluminium. Unlike the cheap metals that are commonly used to make jewellery, Titanium does not corrode or tarnish and in its pure state, is totally non-allergenic. Our titanium posts are 100% pure and bond extremely well to Polymer Clay, which means that the chances of the posts coming off the clay is very unlikely.

STAINLESS STEEL posts are great for people who have mild sensitivities or no sensitivities at all to Nickel. Stainless steel is indestructible and a fantastic substitute for Sterling Silver. There are several different types of Stainless Steels, some contain more Nickel than others. Like, lots more Nickel. Although Stainless Steel does contain Nickel, it's part of what makes it so shiny and durable, some grades contain less than others. There are two grades of Stainless Steel that are considered hypoallergenic and contain very minimal amounts of Nickel. 316L grade Stainless Steel, also known as Surgical Steel. This metal is used in surgical instruments and other medical equipment. It contains a very small amount of Nickel, is considered hypoallergenic, and won't get gross tarnish or rust. 304 grade Stainless Steel is even better, it is lower in Nickel than 316L, which makes it an even better choice if you have a Nickel sensitivity. The amount of Nickel present in this steel is almost inexistent. It also won't get nasty tarnish and rust. To create our studs, we use 304 grade Stainless Steel. This option is just as 

amazing and hypoallergenic as our two other options and rarely (unless a severe allergy to Nickel is present) causes irritation. It is also the most popular option because of its shine and durability. 

POLYMER CLAY is a synthetic type of modelling clay and comes from a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base. Since its creation, many artists and crafters have developed a fondness for polymer clay's versatility and durability. Polymer clay is non-toxic, biodegradable and perfectly safe for children and animals. The polymer clay we use to create our studs is tested to ensure safety and to meet the standards of the Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) and do not contain any allergens like wheat, gluten, dairy, sulphur or latex.

Earrings should accentuate your child's natural beauty and enhance their self-esteem. We have developed a collection of fun and unique styles for any age. Whether your child has an existing skin allergy or you simply want to avoid one, Little Earthlings has something for EVERYONE.

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