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We already know that our Studs are adorable but we want to ensure that they are more than just appealing. We strive to deliver high quality products and we need your help to do just that. 

If you encounter an issue with your Studs, please reach out. Send us a picture of the style and a little blurb to let us know what we need to work on and we will replace them FREE of charge within 30 days of purchase.

Obviously we want our products to last longer than 30 days, so if you have any issues with your studs beyond the 30 days, reach out to us and we will hook you up with a 30% off coupon for your next order.

If you develop a sensitivity to our Studs, reach out. Let us know and we will exchange your existing pairs for some brand spankin' new pairs (with a different type of posts).


We stand behind our products and we want to ensure that they bring nothing but joy to you and your Little Earthlings! 

To send us a message, click on Contact Us in the main menu.


Although our Studs are non-toxic and safe, please keep in mind that they are still small objects that can be ingested. We are not responsible or liable for what your Little Earthlings put in their mouths as our earrings are intended for ears only. 

We also recommend that Studs be removed before bedtime to keep them looking snazzy. Although our studs are tough, they are not designed to roll around on a pillow for 8 hours.

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