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A BIG deal for TINY ears! 

Children who are allowed to express themselves through fashion, and get the opportunity to experiment with creating an identity for themselves grow to be creative, confident, independent and open-minded.

Whether your Little Earthling is dressing a little fashion forward, or backward for that matter, our collection of hand crafted studs is sure to add the perfect and fun touch of creativity to every look they create. 

Each of our designs are unique, and available in Plastic, Stainless Steel and Titanium posts. 

Crafted with love and care for sensitive little ears, our studs are either completely Nickel-free or extremely low in Nickel, and made with medical grade hypoallergenic posts. Our unique and stylish designs are made of high quality polymer clay for a durable and lightweight finish your littles are sure to love. 

For more information on our products and what they are made of, check out OUR INGREDIENTS in the main menu.


Although our Studs are non-toxic and safe, please keep in mind that they are still small objects that can be ingested. We are not responsible or liable for what your Little Earthlings put in their mouths as our earrings are intended for ears only. 

We also recommend that Studs be removed before bedtime to keep them looking snazzy. Although our studs are tough, they are not designed to roll around on a pillow for 8 hours.

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