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When I found out I was having a little girl, like most, I went absolutely overboard on cute little outfits and accessories. Dressing her quickly became a hobby.

Millie, who just turned 3, has recently started exploring her passion for fashion. Some days you can find her in all things sparkly and pink, while on other days she's decked out from head to toe in superheroes, aliens and dinosaurs. 

The only consistent thing about her style, is that it ALWAYS matches her mood. 

Watching her experiment with creating an identity for herself and getting to witness her style becoming more cohesive and hopefully ever true to her unique identity is such a delight. 

Little Earthlings came to light when Millie started taking a liking in choosing my earrings. It became part of our daily routine and even though sometimes her choices were a little out of this world, her sense of accomplishment and the joy it brought her was astonishing. I embarked on a mission to find cute earrings that were budget friendly and hypoallergenic for her sensitive little ears. 

It became pretty evident that buying her several pairs of Gold earrings to play dress up wasn't an option, and neither was buying cheap studs made with inexpensive alloys that would surely irritate her ears. And well here we are. 

Our products are designed specifically with sensitive little ears  in mind but loved by all. To find out why our unique studs are perfect for your Little Earthlings, check out OUR STUDS in the main menu. 

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